Sabrina the 8 Year Old Football Genius by Martyn Kenneth

Sabrina the 8 Year Old Football Genius by Martyn Kenneth

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Sabrina the 8 Year Old Football Genius by Martyn Kenneth (2021 free books for 2021)


As promised - 2021 ( two thousand and twenty one) free books - thanks to my 2021 Spotify fans! 


Sabrina the 8 Year Old Football Genius

By Martyn Kenneth

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in grade two called Sabrina. And she was so fast that sometimes you couldn’t see her because she ran faster than lightning. She was so fast that one day when her teacher, Mr. Denise was just about to ask her to collect all the erasers from the desks in her classroom, she whisked around, pick them all up and put them on his desk as he said -

“Sabrina, would you please collect all the...”
Little Billy the bully had just made a mistake in his maths book and he shouted,

“Where's my eraser gone?”
Little Lena Larkin was trying to rub out the ‘e’ she had put in ‘making’ in her spelling book. “Where's my eraser gone?” she said, scratching her head.
And there at the front of the classroom standing in front of Mr. Denise's desk was Sabrina with all the erasers that she had collected, ready to put onto his desk.

“Oh, thank you!” said Mr. Denise, trying to hide his confusion.

People thought that she was magic. But she wasn't really magic, she was just very very fast.
Her little sister, Edithena would sometimes ask, “How do you know things like Mr. Denise is going to ask you to pick up all the erasers?” Or how do you know mommy's gonna ask you to put the dishes in the sink? Or how do you know daddy's going to ask you to go to the shop to buy some milk? And then, in a flash, you've collected the erasers, you've put the dishes in the sink, and you've got the milk from the shop before the teacher, or mummy, or daddy can even finish their sentence. “Are you magic or something?”

To which Sabrina replied, “No, I’m not magic, I just know how to recognise the patterns.

“What do you mean?” said Edithina.

“Well,” said Sabrina, I’ve heard daddy asked me to go to the shop a few times, and I've heard mommy asking me to put the dishes in the sink hundreds of times, and I've heard Mr. Denise, asking other children to pick up all the erasers quite a few times and so I know, by the tone of their voice, by the shape of their lips and the way their eyes are looking, exactly what they're going to say next. And I do it in a flash

“Aha! I see!” said Edithina, still looking a bit puzzled Well, the next day, as Edithena and Sabrina were waiting in the playground at school for their daddy to

finish work so they could go home, they were playing on the swings right opposite the football pitch. Edithina wanted to be pushed by her sister, but Sabrina didn't really want to push so she just ran rings around her little sister and the wind and the dust that blew up, sent Edithina high into the sky - on the swing that is. And as Edithina was starting to slow down on the swings Sabrina started to walk up the path that ran between the swings and the football field up to the basket where she had to put the skipping rope back. She was feeling a bit bored. She had already done 1000 jumps with the skipping rope, and she was wondering what she could do with herself until daddy finished for his day as a teacher when suddenly, the ball from the football pitch came flying over the fence and bounced, bounced and bounced in front of Sabrina.

Just then, something very extraordinary happened - As soon as her foot touched the ball, there was a spark of magic and a bolt of pink lightning streaked into the sky from Sabrina’s foot.